Lagenlook Revisited

A while back, I wrote about my fascination with a style of clothing called “Lagenlook”. That post is my most popularly frequented, and I reckon the style (loose, unstructured, flowing, tunics, knickerbockers, linen) must appeal to quite a few people.

Now that I have a sewing machine that is halfway decent and hasn’t yet made me want to hurl it out the window, I’m itching to up my game by a notch or a giant leap, and want to try making my own Lagenlook clothes. Well, some tops anyway.

What I have in mind is a tunic with the kind of sleeves that you can fold up and secure with a buttoned tab. Yeah, those of you nodding your heads know exactly what I mean.

If my nefarious plan works, this tunic would be something I could wear for walking dogs, so it would be lovely perhaps to incorporate a large pocket element with a drawstring, to store doggy treats in. 

I’ve curated a few photos from my Pinterest board “Tunics & Lagenlook”, so you have a better idea of the type of style and design elements I’m after.

Ignore the horrible inside-out seams across this tunic. What I’m after are the sleeves and the drawstring pocket.

It’ll be more like this one, but with the drawstring pocket sewn on one side.

Or this one, with deep pockets on the side.

I really like the fuschia colour of this tunic, and the cowl neck and button-tab sleeves. But not the pockets. 

I just love this one, it’s more of a dress really. Can’t see myself sewing buttonholes though, so if anything those buttons will be sewn on and ornamental rather than functional. 

Or…if my sewing skills are not quite up to making sleeves, or fancy ruffles for buttons, I could just do a simple short-sleeved version like this shift dress, and wear a long-sleeved t-shirt underneath, or a jacket or cardigan over. I bet this would look good with cargo pants underneath, and boots. 

Here’s a book I got from Amazon, that has Lagenlook patterns. I’m sure I could learn a thing or two from it! 

Bold and Beautiful: Easy-Sew Clothes

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