Reverse Engineering – Dog Collar

This was such an easy one to do. I used Scruffy’s collar as a guide. The triglide baffled me at first, til I played with it a bit more and understood the mechanics and function of it.

I used hardware salvaged from an old discarded collar, and made up the rest with Spotlight purchases.


Scruffy’s collar is the one at the top. The collar I made is below it. I sewed together some strips of fabric, then sewed the long strip to the webbing.


Here’s the fabric strip pinned to the webbing, ready to be sewn into place.


Sewing in progress. This is only my 2nd time using my new sewing machine. Most of the stitches came out perfect, but there are a couple of places where the line veered off a little. Shhhh!!


Ready to be assembled and sewn in place. The hardware used was salvaged, but I had to buy a new side-release clip (shown above separated far left and far right).


All done!


Scruffy wearing the collar. He woudn’t sit still long enough for a decent photo!


Next time I think I’ll use black thread. Still, pretty chuffed with this.

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