On Cannibalising…

An Easy Walk dog harness that I found in the bargain bin at the Refuge. It was going cheap because parts of the webbing was frayed or soiled, and a few of the metal hardware pieces were scratched and tarnished. 

AU$5 it cost me. But what a yield of hardware I can use to create new dog collars, leads and harnesses!

Here’s the Easy Walk Harness. I did try using it on Shelagh, but it wasn’t very intuitive to put on. In the end I found it worked better back to front, with the martingale (adjustable) bit on the front rather than at the back, the way it’s meant to be used. Even so, getting the shoulder straps to stay put was a chore, the angle was just not quite right, and Shelagh had chafed underarms after just a walk round the block.

The yield after cannibalising the harness:

2 side-release buckle clips

1 D ring

4 Triglide Sliders (yup, that’s what those things are called)

2 rectangular rings

2 O rings
An excellent haul, really! 

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