Write Your Own Story

The older I get, the less I care about what people think of me. No one gives a shit anyway, everyone’s too wrapt up in their own story to even notice. And you know what, that’s EXACTLY why you shouldn’t give a hoot what other people think of you. Just do what you want to do, buy those boots (yes!!), visit that country, climb that mountain, start that business. Do what makes You happy, and do it often. Unless it’s drugs, alcohol or cigarettes, in which case my advice is Just Don’t.

It’s YOUR story. And everyone has a story to tell. We are all storytellers – that feed you see on your Facebook each morning? Those are the stories your friends want you to know about, that’s how they’re expressing a myriad of emotions – happiness, sadness, anger, depression, excitement, disappointment, anticipation, love. Social Media platforms can be abused too, as the perfect outlets for the “Look At Me, I’m Perfect!” narcissistic types. You know the ones I mean.

You don’t have to follow in anyone’s footsteps. Make your own way. Just like each one of us is unique, so our journeys are unique too. Just because something was the done thing in our parents’ and grandparents’ day, doesn’t mean it’s going to be the done thing in your day too. Times change, and people change too. Adapt, change, or die. And don’t let old-fashioned conservative tarts I mean traditionalists try to convince you otherwise. They’re resistant to Change, their ship is sinking, and they just want to take you down with them.

Learn to be true to yourself, experience and instinct will tell you when you’re on the right path. And if you find yourself somewhat sidetracked or in a situation where you’re being taken advantage of, or where your efforts are not being appreciated or worse, being denigrated…change the plotline, change the scenery, change the players. It’s Your story after all, you’re the one writing it out from one moment to the next. So don’t be a victim of circumstance. 

My own mother used to say, “You make the bed, now you have to lie in it”. But I kicked tradition hard and my addition to this saying is, “If you don’t like the sheets, then change them. If it’s the bed you don’t like, get another one”. Maybe it’s not the sheets or the bed. Maybe you need a change of home, career, hobby, relationship, lifestyle, country of domicile, etc.

Just do it! Don’t listen to the naysayers. They’re just jealous that they haven’t the guts to throw their hand of cards in the air and pull new ones. Don’t let anyone hold you back, sweeties. You Can, and you Will. It’s only a matter of persevering, and Time. 

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