Lagenlook when in Japan

I just love the whole concept of Lagenlook (layered clothing). My blog posts showing examples of the style, curated from Pinterest, are by far my most popular ones in terms of readership. Thanks for reading my humble offerings, everyone!  

The Japanese have a version of Lagenlook, called “Mori Girl”, which is more of an earthy, forest fantasy look. Think shades of brown and green and lacy frills. Literally translated, it means “Forest Girl”.

Although my post today is about Lagenlook when in Japan, it’s not about “Mori Girl” style, as that can stand alone as its own look, really. If you are familiar with the 2 styles, you’ll understand what I mean.

The Japanese take on Lagenlook seems to be more streamlined, minimalistic, simple and uncluttered. Pockets, hoods, ties are there yes, but it’s where form meets function. So, less of the flouncy frills a la Victorian Steampunk (another topic close to my heart), and more of the utilitarian and everyday.

Here are some of my current favourites from Pinterest. One day, (soon I hope!), when my sewing machine skills are better, and when I’ve mustered enough courage to look at and understand dress patterns without my eyes glazing over, I might have a go at making my own apron dress or tunic. SIGH…someday! 😄 Meanwhile, this long tunic dress or shirt over jeans and boots look is what I’m rocking right now. I don’t care if people look at me funny – it’s comfortable, it’s functional and it’s fun.

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