Aztec and Dreaming Tree

I was feeling very productive, so one night I whipped up a large-sized matching dog collar and lead set in a fabric called “Aztec”. Then the next afternoon I made a small-sized set in a fabric called “Dreaming Tree”.

For extra strength, I double-sewed the sides of the collars and leads. My machining skills are still in progress, so some of my second lines aren’t quite exactly in the same place as the one before. But practice makes perfect, right? 😉

Also…I found out the hard way that 4 layers of fabric may not sound like a lot to sew through, but boy does it wreak havoc on sewing machine needles! After trial and error I now use needles meant for jeans or denim. This is after having broken or bent 9 needles in the last 2 weeks. 😄

The other thing I’ve realised, noob that I am, is that there’s a thing called a “Walking Foot” that is an attachment you replace your normal sewing machine’s “Feet” with, that enables you to sew through thick or layered fabrics, such as quilt batting, or to sew fabric that stretches or puckers. I’ve ordered one from eBay, and hope it will help me with neatening my finishes on my leads and collars. 

You learn something new every day.

I’ve decided that all the dog accessories I make will incorporate some degree or aspect of recycling. Either the webbing used will be from an old lead, strengthened by fabric and sewing, or the hardware will be salvaged from old collars and leads. That will be my USP – my Unique Selling Point.

Take the Aztec collar and lead set, for example. The lead is essentially the same dog lead it was before, only with fabric covering it all round and sewn in place all along both edges, twice over for strength. The hardware used is from the same lead. For the collar, I used salvaged and new hardware, and new webbing. The Aztec fabric itself is from the remnants bin at my local Spotlight haberdashers.

Ooohh, SHINY!! 😄

For the Dreaming Tree collar and lead set, I had to trim the width of the webbing to fit a 20mm width, in order to accommodate my 20mm snaphook. The fabric was also a remnant, from another project. The hardware came from a small dog collar that I cannibalised. I made this set for my friend Annette and her son, Jordan. Jordan selected the fabric himself and wanted something with purple in it, to remind him of his previous dog, Lolly, who had died a few months ago after being poisoned. So I used purple thread for sewing both the collar and lead. Jordan’s new dog, Brutus, is a delightful black and white long-haired chihuahua, who resembles a miniature border collie. I do have a thing for Chihuahuas, or rather, they do seem to like me!

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