I love finding things that have either been turned into other objects of use, or have the potential for that. It isn’t always obvious what the other purpose could be, and sometimes it’s totally unexpected and a real surprise. But I just love these kinds of surprises. 

Part of the reason I love looking in thrift stores and charity shops is because I never know what I’ll find. Or what that “piece of junk” could be turned into. I’ve sometimes put an object down again and not bought it, only to go home and after some more research realise the true potential of the piece…and then rushed back to the store the very next day to buy it. Only to find out that someone else beat me to it! Grrr! 

That happened just the other day with an indigo tablecloth that looked very Japanese, but which had oil stains on it. It was only $1. I was looking at it, I had it in my hand…and then I let Jack dissuade me from buying it. It preyed on my mind all night, and I was determined to get it the next morning. But of course, as these things go, by the time I got there the tablecloth was gone. “Should’ve” is the mantra of procrastinators. 

Anyway, back to the subject of Repurposed objects. These are from Pinterest. I have an entire Board under the title “Repurposed”.

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