Poppie the Maltese

I had the pleasure of taking little Maltese terrier Poppie out for a walk at the Refuge. All the other dogs had been walked already apart from Poppie, I didn’t understand why, as she’s such a delightful dog. Not the smoochiest or touchy-feely of dogs, and not one for doing tricks for treats, but still an adorable pooch.

As is my wont, I first took Poppie for a walk round the perimeter of the Refuge. I let her indulge in a sniff-fest, as she seemed keen to stop at every tree and shrub to find out the latest pee-mail gossip. Poppie showed herself to be most unladylike in her penchant for cocking a leg for a little wee, just like a male dog.

After doing a leisurely ramble round the Refuge, I brought Poppie to the Snuffle Yard and let her off the leash. She really enjoyed her time off-leash, running from one corner to another, happily sniffing away. And cocking a leg. From time to time she came over to where I sat, just to check in. She wasn’t at all interested in any treats or games, she just wanted to sniff and snuffle away to her heart’s content.

Poppie is so cute that I’ve no doubt she’ll be adopted before the weekend is over.

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