Standing Alone

I have found that when faced with trouble, a lot of people tend to retreat and look for the easy way out. My own father’s philosophy is to find easy ways to live so he can die peacefully in bed. That means not taking any risks, keeping your head down, try not to get noticed too much, keep your nose clean, don’t be a troublemaker, don’t stick your neck out.

You should have realised by now that I am very much NOT a chip off the old block. Apart from our equal stubbornness, my father and I are from different planets, really. He’s well on track to die peacefully in bed. My path, on the other hand, has no tracks whatsoever, but is rather a meandering trail of footprints in the desert, there only until the next sandstorm erases all traces of it.

But, not all who wander are lost. 

Some of my friends tell me to just accept the rules and not fight against them. I will accept any rule that is just and fair, however if it isn’t so, it’s not in my nature to just sit there and take it. No, someone has to speak out against injustices and unfair practices, and especially against bullying, favouritism and nepotism. All of which are rife in some organisations I’ve been involved with.

Time and again, I find myself outcast, becoming the outsider, ostracised and shunned because I dare shake up and challenge the status quo. No matter, I stand up for my rights and beliefs, even if it means no one takes my side or believes me. Because I for one am willing to confront the truth and see things as they should be, rather than just as they are. 

People don’t like Change. They want to feel comfortable doing what they’ve always done, in the same way they’ve always done it. They like the familiar, and are afraid of the unknown. 

But that shouldn’t be the way, really. Be Brave. Do things differently. Explore. Discover. Challenge the status quo. Findbetter ways. Ask questions. Find out more. Don’t be the Sheep, be the Wolf.


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