Just a Gaggle of Puppies…

The Refuge recently had a litter of 10 Staffy pups available for adoption. They’ve all found good homes now, but I just wanted to share their photos with you all, so you can see just how cute they are in their colourful winter jackets.

These pups were having a mid-morning snooze in the puppy yard when I saw them. There were 10 in the litter, but the runt had decided to go sleep on its own somewhere quieter, while the rest gathered between a tree, a unibond fence and a brick wall, piled into a big heap and went to sleep.

When I saw them, I just had to get some photos of them quick.

(All copyright belongs to and remains with AlyZen Moonshadow. Please refrain from copying, printing or distributing any of these images without prior and express permission from me, thank you!)

They remind me so much of my own Shelagh, who I got at the same age, and who came from a litter of 8 pups that looked very similar to this litter. These pups are going to be gorgeous dogs when they grow up, and they’ll have the most beautiful temperaments too. I can tell by just how relaxed they all are now.

I’ve stopped volunteering at the Refuge now, for reasons I’ve hinted at in a previous post on photography copyright. But rest assured there will still be photos of dogs and other animals from me, I will find them somewhere, somehow. A good photographer always needs to keep practising her art.

Check out tomorrow’s post for some more photos of the puppies, taken a few days later, and just before they were made available for adoption.

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