Wish you were here! 

Look where I’ve been just today!

Wow, isn’t it amazing? It could be Seville, or Cordoba, or even the famous Alhambra in Granada, Spain. Soooo beautiful…SIGH.

But no, actually this isn’t anywhere that I know of or have been to. The only place I went to today was Baldivis Stockland shopping centre in Western Australia. Distance travelled? Not nearly 10000 miles. A mere 5 miles, tops.

It’s actually a large poster backdrop in the Bed, Bath & Table store in the shopping centre. Whenever I see a new poster there, I always make sure to take some photos, because they’re invariably very picturesque or extremely beautiful. 

Here is the original:

All I did was straighten, crop and adjust it in Pics Art and Snapseed. It’s amazing how your imagination can travel, just by looking at a photo! The power of photography! 😄

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