My Love Affair with Scarves

Ever since arriving in the UK in the early 90’s, and learning to acclimatize myself with its cold and wet climate, I’ve amassed quite a number of scarves. Subsequently living in Spain and then Ireland for a few years after that only added to my collection of scarves. 

Among these are pure Pashminas, bought by myself or gifted to me by a Pakistani friend. I have skinny scarves, chunky knitted scarves, fabric scarves, silk scarves, square bandannas, etc. I much prefer the wider shawl-like scarves, that can be doubled lengthwise and knotted, or worn loose thrown over the shoulders. A large scarf also doubles as a handy hoody should you suddenly get caught in a downpour.

The main determining factor when choosing a scarf, for me, is COLOUR. Oh, and TEXTURE plays an important part too. 

I’m no fashion expert, prefering always function over form and comfort over looks. But in the case of scarves, I follow just this one Rule: wear colourful scarves over plain dark clothes, or wear plain scarves over colourful clothes. 

Of course, living in Australia now means my days of wearing scarves are numbered, quite literally. In Ireland I never ever left the house without a scarf around my neck. Here in Australia I have to wait for the cooler months of Autumn and Winter before my collection gets an airing. 

Lately, I’ve had a sudden hankering to have a go at making my own scarves. A trip or three to my local Spotlight haberdashers may be in order, I think 😄.

Meanwhile, I’ve curated from Pinterest some inspirational scarves, to motivate me to get off my arse and do some serious sewing. A few of these involve Nuno Felting and Batik Silk Painting, which are currently beyond my means both practically and financially. But never say never…😉

Now Shibori, on the other hand, might be just what the doctor ordered. But that’s another story.

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