It’s Happening Again…

…numbers or sequences that suddenly appear again and again in different situations and different places

…the same names keep cropping up under different circumstances

…actors that appear on one tv channel appearing again on the very next channel change

…objects that feature in one tv series appear in another the next day

…I write about Life being a puzzle and that same minute I get an email notification with the heading “Instructables – I have a puzzle for you”

…my neighbour asks me to drive her to the Library and minutes later I get a text message from the same Library saying there’s a book I ordered ready to be collected the same day

…I’m talking with my neighbour about Lagenlook fashion (layered look) and an hour later I spy a Lagenlook item at my local thrift store. And it fits her perfectly

Sheer Coincidence? Not at all.

Serendipity? Synchronicity? God/Gaia/Mother Nature/The Universe’s anonymous calling card? A Wake Up call? A Sign? A Message? 


The more you observe, the more you see.

(Images curated from Pinterest. All copyright remain with the original artists).

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