Lagenlook : Red

I finally found where the Linen dressmaking fabrics are at my local Spotlight! The sad thing is, it’s around $24 a metre, and I was told that, in order to make a flowing tunic or flounced skirt, I’d need around 2 metres of fabric. So, that means the finished product would cost me nearly $50 to create. Which is not really worth it, as it costs about the same to buy similar online. 

Anyway, I’ve curated some lovely red Lagenlook pieces from Pinterest. Some of these look quite easy to make…I might just do some research and see if I can find a cheaper source of Linen. Or maybe I’ll use some soft, drapey fabric instead, or even jersey.

2 thoughts on “Lagenlook : Red

  1. Hi love your posts. But. Concerned about your comments about the cost of fabrics and linen clothing. Cheap online and retail clothing is cheap because the workers that produce the clothing work long hours for little pay and they endure poor working conditions. How long would it take to cut make and finish a garment and how much you would expect to be paid plus the cost of fabric thread power and wear on sewing machines. The first .world has access to cheap clothing at the expense of (mostly women) workers in the third world. Regards Marilyn

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    1. Hi Marilyn, appreciate the feedback. I’d love to make those garments and sell them at a decent price, but it’s not going to be cost-effective as the fabrics alone will cost more than what customers will pay for the finished garment.

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