Lagenlook : Yellow

My love affair with Lagenlook style continues. I was recently at a mall in Perth City and discovered several boutiques there that had Lagenlook clothing, so maybe it’s finally catching on in Western Australia, yay!

They were terribly expensive, though. Far more than my teeny tiny wallet could afford. Which just makes me all the more determined to keep trying my best to successfully sew my own Lagenlook garments. Wishful thinking, perhaps? 

I’ve realised one thing – usually when something piques my interest, I immerse myself fully into it, buying or borrowing all the books I can find on the subject, and saving and compiling websites. And then hoping to somehow miraculously absorb the knowledge by osmosis and emerge fully versed in whatever subject it is. Now with Pinterest, I find that it’s far cheaper (free, in fact) to just find and pin images to my Pinterest account and then look through them at leisure. And if I persevere with that long enough, the feeling might pass and I move on to the next subject, having saved hundreds of dollars and book shelf space, thanks to Pinterest. 

The following are curated from Pinterest. Today’s theme is Yellow. Enjoy!

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