App Review : Prisma – Initial Thoughts

It’s here, it’s finally on Android. Prisma, the photo editing App that everyone on iOS (Apple talk to mobile phone users) has had for ages and ages. I used to check on the Google Play Store to see if it was available for Android devices. But it wasn’t. 

Until now. I’m not exactly sure when Prisma hit the Android platform, it might have been up to a month ago, maybe longer. But now that it’s here, I wasted no time in downloading it and trying it out.

It’s pretty basic, really. I remember an App on my iPhone 4, the name of whicg escapes me…but you could choose from a myriad of Artistic Styles, and create masterpieces with your mobile phone photos. I seem to remember it had a strange name, like Photocopy/Photocopier? 

Well, essentially, Prisma is similar, only with far fewer editing functions. You simply load up a photo from your Gallery, or take one using the In-App camera, scroll through a gallery of effects, choose one, then slide your finger across your mobile phone’s screen to adjust the intensity of the effect. Then you either save it to your phone’s gallery, or share it on Facebook or Instagram. That’s about it, really. 

I was hoping for some sort of Snapseed-like functionality, where you could do basic editing like adjust the contrast, saturation, brightness etc. Or add more than one effect, before saving the image. But Prisma does not offer that. I guess I’ll have to reload my edited image back into Prisma, if I wanted to add a different effect. And use Snapseed or Photo Editor or PicsArt for the basic editing before or after using Prisma.

Anyway, I took a photo of my hallway display, to use as my first Prisma guinea pig. 

And here are the results of the same photo after running it through just some of Prisma’s filters:

Not bad, really. The resolution, however, is miniscule – only 608 x 608 pixels. That equates to the size of a postage stamp in real life. I guess I’ll definitely have to combine Prisma’s effects with Apps of higher resolution, to get anything worth printing or putting on a t-shirt.

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