30 Minute Repurposed Project : Frenchie Cushion

I found this cute piece of fabric in the remnants box at my local Spotlight store. As a lover of all things doggy, I had to get it. $8 it cost me. 

Back home, I found an old pillow and because its covering was still halfway decent, albeit with a couple of tears in it, I did not even have to make a new pillowcase for it.

All I did was cut the top off the case and fold the filling inside so it made a 16 inch square. I then folded the rest of the pillowcase over and sewed the open ends closed. 

The next thing to do was to cut the fabric to make 2 squares to fit the square cushion/pillow. Place the 2 pieces together, right sides facing, and pin to make sure the pieces don’t slip around. And then sew straight stitches up 3 edges and half of the 4th edge. Snip the corners to reduce bulk. Turn the case right side out, stuff the cushion inside, then handsew the opening closed. A slipstitch will do, but I always use a ladder stitch, which is a very clever stitch indeed as the stitches become invisible from the outside. It’s a little trick I picked up from my days of being a teddy bear artist. 

And there you go. An easy-peasy, nice little 30 minute project done. If I can sew this, YOU can too! 

One side of the cushion. 

The other side of the cushion. I love how it complements our living room wall colour. I can’t remember the name or brand of the paint now, but I searched high and low for just the perfect shade of turquoise. 

Now I won’t have to fight Boo the cat for a cushion again 😄.

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