A Social Observation

…just an observation about dogs and men. Why is it that when I look at images of dogs, whether they’re in Shelters awaiting adoption, or whether they’re photos of beloved pets of other people shared on Instagram, I get the Awwww ❤ feels? But on contrast, when I look at photos of men on dating sites, be it online or on television, I just feel like running in the opposite direction? Not that I have any inclination nowadays to get involved with yet another disaster…and besides, this model is quite ancient by today’s standards. 

Freud would no doubt have a field day analysing my psyche 😄. 

Give me a dog anyday, I say. They’re loving, loyal, cute, intelligent, obedient and have tonnes of looks AND personality. Plus, they don’t argue back! They fit in with whatever your schedule is, they have no hidden agenda, they have no big egos, they don’t cheat on you or talk badly about you behind your back. And they’re always pleased to see you when you come home. 

Men are a different story altogether…

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