Take 2 Teacups and Saucers…

A long time ago, well 3 years ago, I created over 100 photo images of stacked vintage teacups and saucers, a set inspired by Alice in Wonderland and appropriately titled “The Madhatter’s Teaparty”.

A company in Estonia approached me recently to license one of my images from that Series, for an embroidery kit. They are the sole distributor in Europe for DMC embroidery threads and kits, so it was an honour to be aproached by them.

The company wanted to see what other images I had, in case they wished to produce more embroidery kits. So I dug through my computer’s hard drive for the Madhatter’s Teaparty images, and as I looked through them I wondered if I could reproduce the same effects as from all those years ago.

I’m so happy that I haven’t lost my touch with the mobile photography art. Today’s project was a real off-the cuff thing as I’d fully intended to crack on with some sewing after having a cuppa coffee in one of my teacups (yes, very insouciant of me), but as I was putting my washed cup and saucer away (yes, I had a couple of biscuits with my tea), my gaze lingered on my collection residing in the display cabinet right behind ny sewing machine workstation (aka the kitchen table), and I just couldn’t resist.

I took just one photo of 2 of my vintage cups and saucers stacked up for this. Here it is, unedited:

I ran it through the App PicsArt for this vignetting effect:

Now here’s where the fun starts. Using the above as my template, and just the Apps PicsArt, Photo Editor and Snapseed, I produced these:

Hope you enjoyed these! 

I just might do a second series of Madhatter teacups in this vein. If anyone’s wondering what I’d like for Christmas, a vintage teacup and saucer set will do very nicely, thank you 😉! Teacups make me happy! 

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