I was in Perth CBD today and on my way to drop into T2 to try some free teas, when I walked round the corner and bumped into this young man and his girlfriend taking his 2 ferrets for a walk. The ferrets were on chain leads and scampering over each other with excitement. Everyone went Ooh! and Aaahh! because they were so darn cute. The ferrets, I mean. 😄

Anyway, I went up to the couple, and without my even asking, the chappie scooped up one of the ferrets and handed it over to me for a cuddle. I’m in love with ferrets now. Sure, they smell like a room full of mice, but it’s not a bad smell, just quite strong. I probably smell like my dogs to other people, but I don’t notice it. And I guess if you love animals you’ll be quite happy to smell like them too!

I only managed to snap a few photos of the ferrets, but they really are cute and I wanted to share them here with you all. If you want to keep ferrets, do your research first, as they are not for everybody. They are very high energy and although domesticated, they are wilder and more unpredictable than dogs or cats. 

And yes, like any other animal, they can nip. The one I was cuddling in my arms decided after 5 minutes that he’d had enough and could he go back to his Daddy please, so he squirmed about and finally decided to have a nibble of my hand, between the thumb and index finger. It wasn’t painful, it felt exactly like when Boo my cat bites me when he’s had enough attention. 

The ferret on the left is 2 years old. The one on the right is 8 months old and a ferret x polecat, and when it is fully grown will be about 2x the size of his ferret buddy. They eat mince and love fresh fish. 

When I got home, my 2 dogs Shelagh and Scruffy had a field day, sniffing at my hands and clothes at that strange ferret scent!

Here’s a good site for information for starter ferret keepers. 


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