Adventures in Sewing : Red Tunic with Button Pleat/Fold

I made myself a red tunic with a button pleat/fold, with ribbon ties at the sleeves and on the sides of an asymmetrical hem. 

This was my inspiration (found on Pinterest):

Something about that big button holding a pleat in place on the front of the tunic appealed to me aesthetically, on a Zen level. I wanted my tunic to have sleeves, but of the batwing variety, as I haven’t quite tried inserting sleeves yet. And I liked the idea of extending the bias binding at the sleeves and hem to create ribbon ties, which would provide more draping/shaping. I wanted my tunic to reach to mid-thigh, and hang loose rather than be tightly draped around the hips.

As this project, made with a beautiful deep red polyester fabric would look quite Oriental, I decided to use my precious piece of Japanese Shibori from Spotlight’s remnant box as my bias binding.

I’m getting quite adept at creating continuous bias binding. I find that working from pattern pieces can be confusing and fiddly, and for this project I drafted my own design, using a line drawing of what I envisioned my tunic would look like, then adding my own body measurements where required by the design. I don’t really know what to call this technique – freehand cutting??

This project was surprisingly easy to draft, measure and sew. And it looks great, if I may say so myself đŸ˜„. Now to find a special occasion to wear it! Chinese New Year 2017, perhaps?

The front of the tunic. (Yes, my levitating trick worked again – look, no legs in the mirror!)

The back of the tunic.

Close up showing the big blue button that creates the pleat/fold.

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