Lagenlook : Apron Dresses

♬♫ The hills are alive ♫♬ …with apron dresses a la Julie Andrews in The Sound Of Music. Actually, there’s a resurgence of that most famous musical, currently playing here in Perth, Western Australia. Not that I can afford to bring myself or Jack to watch it, of course. Don’t be silly, that would be blowing our entire week’s grocery and food budget on the tickets alone. Yes, really. 

What I’m really on about in today’s post is the apron dress, made famous by Julie Andrews in The Sound Of Music…you know, in that opening scene where she comes dancing and singing over the hills.

I found this intriguing dress on Pinterest, and thought if I were to attach ties to the “wings” it would essentially be an apron dress. The idea of having those silver buttons down each side appealed to me. Initially I thought this dress had long sleeves attached to it, but after further research I found out it’s sleeveless, the model is wearing a long-sleeved shirt underneath, and it’s called the “Square Dress in Black Roma” – here’s the link.

My idea is however, to use this as a starting point and design my own apron dress. I don’t generally wear skirts or dresses, so it would have to be a tunic that I could wear over jeans or leggings. 

Anyway, along the way as I researched apron dresses, I came across several interpretations of it, some of which are quite clever in their execution and design. Here are just some of my favourites, from Pinterest:

I actually have a duvet cover that’s perfect for this sewing project. It’s a striped mustardy colour with a lovely wrinkly linen-cotton feel to it. I’ve already taken my own measurements and drafted an outline of my design…now let’s hope my fledgling sewing machine skills are up to the challenge!

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