I don’t shoot people…

I shoot animals, flowers, landscapes, graffiti and architecture…Yes, I’m talking about photography, what did you think I was on about? I started my mobile photography art with flowers, back in 2010. Then, when the number of animals in our menagerie/mini zoo/home started growing, that’s when I started photographing animals instead. (I always try to avoid using the word “shoot” and “animals” in the same sentence, in the context of photography, because it just sounds wrong, as evidenced from that rather attention-grabbing title of today’s post). 

Anyway, I was in IKEA last week, looking for a cast iron pot to use as a Dutch Oven for baking my bread (turned out they were currently out of stock), when, just as I was on my way out, I came across these lovely flowers. And I just had to photograph them.

I will probably use these photos for future projects and Art Licensing. But for now, I hope you enjoy looking at them!

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