The Cannabis Game

I don’t normally read women’s magazines, but recently I was having a coffee and cake at a local café, and as I’d already read the day’s papers, I decided to flick through the Marie Claire magazine lying on my table. 

It was the July 2016 issue, hardly new. As I riffled through the pages filled with ads for perfume, handbags, shoes and make up, I was suddenly very pleasantly surprised by these (photos follow, please zoom in to read the text):

Worth a read, and I hope you Did read those pages. I’m not sure why Marie Claire decided to publish this article, because of its contentious and illegal (in some countries) content, but my guess is they wanted to write about women succeeding in the business world, and the subject took a backseat. I’m a firm supporter of freeing the weed for medicinal purposes, more than for recreational purposes, but I’ll also support whatever it takes to Free the Weed. 

Here’s a close up of one particular paragraph that struck a chord in me. Jack had wanted give a talk in his class about growing Hemp as a sustainable crop, but his blinkered teacher said “No, you can’t talk about Hemp as a sustainable crop! It’s silly, and everyone will laugh at you”. 

Well, who’s laughing now?

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