Time and Money…

…are not real. People like to say Time IS Money. Well, as both are merely human constructs/inventions/concepts, we are deluding ourselves by placing so much emphasis on either or both.

Those so indoctrinated into following Society’s Rules about Time and Money will find it hard to believe that humankind can and has existed without regard for either. We like routine and order, so we calculate the seasons, the sunrises and sunsets that Mother Nature gifts us with, and call it Time. We divide it up into smaller and smaller measurements, because it lets us make sense of things. We place deadlines upon ourselves, we measure milestones by it, we charge Money for it. That’s how Time equates to Money.

It’s all a Big Game, really. Money – we invented it, and now we are slaves to it. But, Because we invented it, we can get rid of it. Empires won’t fall. People won’t die. Countries won’t falter. The only thing that will be different is that Humanity gets to assert itself, to demonstrate its true potential, to be liberated from those self-imposed chains. But, idealistic as that may sound, the Elite, those who REALLY control the masses, will not allow that to happen. Not without a fight, anyway. And so all that war-mongering and exploitation of people and countries will continue…as long as there are still people who are blind to the truth.

There is a saying: “The wiser you are, the crazier you sound”. Don’t mind me, I’m just a raving lunatic 😉!

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