I am a Post-Consumerist

…as in, I no longer Consume indiscriminately, for the heck of it, or because Advertising makes things too attractive to say No to. No, I do not need a new iPhone 7, though I suspect I’m very much in the minority here. 

Yes, I’ve learnt my lesson. I used to buy Stuff because it was cool. I mean, everyone else was doing it too. I bought into The Consumerist Dream. I saved up for that holiday, and then spent the rest of the year paying back the credit card bill. I was a real sheeple and did not realise it until much, much later. It takes great misfortune and near bankruptcy for the scales to fall off one’s eyes. 

These days, I buy food to feed my fine furry, feathered and finned friends, because they can’t do it thrmselves. I don’t go on shopping sprees buying fashionable clothes – I simply don’t have the means. My clothes come from thrift stores, or I make them myself. I still have too many pairs of shoes that I don’t wear, a harkback to my days of wanton waste – those shoes will be rounded up soon and destined for the thrift stores for recycling. Yes, I still buy too many books and have not enough shelves. 

These days, I buy things that have the potential to be turned into other things, or which can be used in conjunction with others to produce something different and useful. I’ve learnt to be more discerning as a consumer, and hopefully more discerning about supporting the major conglomerates that control consumables. 

And here’s what I would like you to learn too:

We have been lied to all our lives. We are constantly being bombarded by images, products, stuff we Have to buy to make us thinner, prettier, fitter. Lies, all lies and meant to turn us into automatic consumers who literally BUY into the whole idea of Money making the world go round.

We have been brainwashed into forgetting our true Humanity. We have turned Money into our God and are so consumed by its pursuit that when we have no Money, we panic and start clutching at straws, like a drowning man. In Society’s eyes, No Money = No Status = No Voice. Nobody gives a shit what you think or say if you have no Money. But, if you have billions of $$$$$ then suddenly you’re a presidential candidate and people love you. 

Funny old world, this. 

Here are a couple of images showing just how screwed up our priorities are nowadays:

Still not convinced? 

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