Russell Brand 

Like him or hate him, there’s no mistaking Russell Brand‘s distinctive East End voice. And that’s a voice of reason in a world gone mad. Rather refreshing, really.

If you’ve never heard of Russell Brand, go look him up right now. He’ll blow your mind, in a no holds-barred, eye-watering way. That’s just how Russell rolls. 

Some can’t take Russell’s brand (see what I did there 😉) of humour or his Life Philosophy. But that’s okay. We will all wake up in our own time, some earlier than others. And if you choose to stay asleep the rest of your life, that’s fine too, and far safer than trying to bring a positive change to this twisted world of ours.

Here are just some Russell Brand quotes, curated from Pinterest. I hope you will learn a thing or two from them, or at least think long and hard about what he’s trying to say.

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