Fair/Not Fair?

What is fair? 

The person who fathered my child, who suddenly stopped paying child maintenance last November? Who then got subpoenaed to appear in a UK Family Court on 31st August…only to turn up and ask for an adjournment while he considers a paternity test, of all things?

Stalling tactics? Yes. The case is now to be heard in January 2017, by which time my son would not have had any financial support for 14 months. Is that fair? Is that how a father should treat his own flesh and blood? 

In the UK, my child maintenance is £200 a month. A MONTH. In Australia, for the last 6 years that we have been here, my ex-husband (we are married on paper only, have been since 2014, but try convincing the Australian authorities about that!!) has been paying child support for his own son…whom he hasn’t seen for 13 years. 

And whom the Australian Mafia I mean Child Support Agency, decided that he has to pay over $400 A WEEK for. It’s our second mortgage, that’s what it amounts to. And that’s why we are slowly but surely sinking into the ground, into that big gaping hole called Poverty or, worse yet, Bankruptcy. 

And now, just as he’s starting to breathe easier again, as his prison sentence I mean Child Support payments are about to end at last, the CSA have slapped him with a final figure that he has til June 2017 to pay off. 

$11000. Eleven THOUSAND dollars.

Is that fair? Is anything fair in this world that runs on Money? NO! 

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