This is for all the Women I have known, know and will know, who are battling their own insecurities, thinking themselves not worthy of a man’s love, worrying that they will never find the right person to settle down with, afraid of ending up alone.

You ARE worthy. You are More than worthy of a man’s love. Or a woman’s love. Or indeed the love of anyone on earth. You are loveable, in all your imperfect glory, with your lumps and bumps, wild flyaway hair, boobs big or nonexistent, hips wide as a door or narrow as a boy’s, legs up to here or only just to here. You are a mess, but you are a glorious mess. You are Woman.

You don’t need to find anyone to settle down with. Never settle for anything less than what you want. If you find yourself making excuses for someone, have the balls to walk away. They are Not what you want. If they were, you would not need to make excuses for them. You are strong. You are Woman. 

Never just settle for anyone just because you’re afraid of ending up alone. If you learn to love your own company, you may find that there really is no need to go looking for anyone else. Be strong. You are Woman.

We don’t need to be defined by Men. We don’t need to be someone’s Wife, Girlfriend or Partner, to have meaning. We don’t need to be someone’s Mother to have meaning. Find power in your own strength, in being your own unique self. Help your Sisters around the world find their own strength too. 

You are Woman. You are Awesome. Let no one tell you any different. Ever.

(Images sources from Pinterest).

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