Dreaming of Ireland

I’d forgotten just how beautiful Ireland is. And I’ve just realised that I’ve hardly scratched the surface of this glorious country, even after 4 years living there, from 2007-2010. Still plenty of places I haven’t visited yet. The last time I was there I hadn’t discovered the world of mobile photography yet, but the next time I go back, I’m determined to make the most of my photography skills and do Ireland some justice.

But all that is in the long run. It’s good to have a dream, it may not be The Dream I envisioned, but that’s okay too. What’s meant to be will be. Dreams can change, circumstances can change, who knows this Change, if it happens, may be just another stepping stone towards The Dream? 

All I know is my ex-hubby and I have to go where our skills, qualifications and experience can be of use and appreciated. Where I’m not made to feel like I’m too old to be employable, losing out to 18 year olds with 30 years’ experience. Where workers are appreciated by employers, instead of being used and abused and tossed aside like so much used toilet paper, like he’s been treated the last 6 years here in Australia. Loyalty is not a word Autralian employers have in their vocabulary. The Australian Dream may have come true for thousands of emigrants, but sadly not for this family. And not for lack of trying, either. Yes, there have been small mercies and a few good opportunities here and there, but not enough for us to continue living in this most expensive part of the world. 

Yes, we may not be together anymore as husband and wife, but we are thankfully still good friends and continue to watch out for each other. So if we do go back to Ireland, we’ll start out by sharing a house together until the time comes for us to naturally part ways. Life’s funny that way. Better the devil you know than the one you don’t, eh 😉. 

So for now, I’ll dream of the lush green mountains and valleys of Ireland, with her misty woodlands and babbling brooks, and her friendly, welcoming people. And imagine I’m back there, with the light drizzling rain on my face, wearing wellington boots and splashing in puddles with my dogs by my side.

It’s a Good Dream.

(Photos curated from Pinterest, and cam be found on my Pinterest Board, Ireland).

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