There Be Moths

As a child growing up, I was taught by my well-meaning but ignorant parents that butterflies were pretty, colourful and precious. But that moths were dark, muddy brown, ugly and left a yucky powder all over your clothes. Light vs Dark. Beautiful vs Ugly. I grew up hoping to become a butterfly, and not a moth.

How misinformed I was! Moths are every bit as beautiful as their sister Butterflies. The same, but different. Different, but the same. Butterflies are angels, Moths are faeries.

For me personally, the saying “If Change Never Happened, There’d Be No Butterflies” could very well have the word “Butterflies” replaced by “Moths”. No need to be discriminatory here. 

And so today, when I saw this strange, exotic beauty on Pinterest, (all the following photos can be found on Pinterest, and copyright and information about the photographers is either displayed on the photo itself, or when you click on the photo in Pinterest), my childhood memories rushed back in a flash. 

Yes, very cute…as in ugly but adorable. Indeed.

Here’s another photo of the same caterpillar, from a different angle:

Oh, but what does it turn into once the metamorphosis is complete? 

And this is just ONE of many different permutations of the Saturniidae Moth. 

How about This quirky little fella’s transformation?

Who would’ve guessed, right? 

So, remember, the next time you feel like you’re not pretty enough, not good enough, too strange to fit in, too weird to have many friends, like you just don’t belong…remember, you were born not to be As Good, you were born to be BETTER. You may not grow up to be a Butterfly, but that’s okay, because by hell you’ll make an awesome Moth! 

Not a Sheep, but a Wolf. 

Not a Cat, but a Lion. 

So go, be unapologetically YOU. ❤

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