Needle-Felted Dogs

Back in the days when I used to make artist teddy bears (1997-2002), I also dabbled briefly in needle felting. I only managed to create a couple of little critters before my needles broke and I ran out of wool roving. 

I made a 6-inch replica of my dog Scruffy, using a combination of his own fur and wool roving. It’s not perfect, but still it’s a memento of Scruffy. I might make one of Shelagh, my other dog…only she doesn’t shed as much as Scruffy, and her fur may be too short to needle-felt. 

Anyhow, the craft still fascinates me, and I still have 2 books on making needle-felted animals and dogs…which, who knows, some day I might get round to partaking of. 

Looking on Etsy and eBay, these days there’s such a lot of talent out there in the field of needle-felting. These artists are somehow able to create miniature replicas of all kinds of animals, down to the last life-like details. Some even make life-size replicas that are almost indistinguishable from the real thing. 

It must take an incredible amount of time, patience, practice and skill to create these masterpieces. I for one believe the prices asked for by some of these artists are perfectly justifiable. A LOT of effort and passion have clearly gone into the making of these critters.

So, feast your eyes now on these needle-felted dogs, curated from Pinterest.

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