Obsessions : Kantha (Part 2)

Yesterday, I introduced you to the Indian quilting tradition called Kantha. Today, feast your eyes on just some of these Kantha offerings (curated from my Pinterest board, “Kantha, Sashiko and Boro”, of which more later). 

One thing I’ve learnt from this exercise is that if you know the name of the thing you’re looking for, it makes searching for it on Google a hell of a lot easier! 😄

There is so much Beauty that can be found in Simplicity. I have curated here only Kantha that uses the running stitch, and none of the fancier decorative stitches. The reason being that I’m drawn to the simplicity of the running stitch, somehow, or the aesthetics or concept of it. Such an easy stitch to do, and yet when put together and seen as a whole, utterly staggering in its visual effectiveness.

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