Obsessions : Kantha (Part 3)

I hope I’ve whetted your appetite for more Kantha, after writing about it in my 2 previous posts. 

Online searches through Google and Pinterest will produce thousands of visual examples of this beguiling artform. But where can I buy my own Kantha quilt, I hear you say.

EBay and Etsy are good places to start. But if it’s ethical or collaborative businesses you’re looking for, where you know the company is paying a fair wage to the Indian women who sew these beautiful cloths, and that the money is being used to help preserve the tradition and make the lives of those women better, or better the lives of the entire village, then your search should include words such as “faif trade”, “ethical”, “artisans”, “sustainable”, “collaborative”, “collective”. 

Exploitation of anyone, for their skills and expertise, in the name of profit and greed, is to be avoided at all costs. 

Here are just a handful of online businesses I’ve found, that appear to meet the criteria. I am in no way affiliated with them, nor am I endorsing them, and I cannot vouch for their ethical claims. They are simply what I’ve found on the Internet. There are many others out there like these, if you care to search for yourself.


Connected Goods

Kantha Collection

Shop Dignify

Hand & Cloth

When thinking about my next Adventure in Sewing, I love the idea of restricting myself to using only the running stitch. And also the idea of upcycling vintage or preloved bedlinen/tablecloths/pillowcases/etc into scarves or wraps, thereby giving them a new lease of life.

Before I go, just a few more examples of beautiful Kantha embroidery, (from Pinterest, of course).

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