My 3rd “Kantha” Scarf

This is my 3rd handsewn “Kantha” scarf, made with the ethos of recycling/repurposing/make do and mend in mind. The backing fabric is actually a thrifted pillowcase, opened up. The fabric patches are remnants from past projects. The only new things used are the bright red pompoms (my first time sewing pompoms onto anything!) and the embroidery thread, from my local Spotlight haberdashery store.

I love the idea of giving new life to old fabrics and finding new purposes for old objects. People throw away things too easily nowadays, even perfectly good items that our forebears would’ve kept using til they fell to bits…and then they would’ve just stitched them together to other cloths and created something useful, and that “new” item would’ve lasted a good many years beyond that. 

My Maternal Grandmother and my own Mother are good examples of the above practice. Grandma would turn old rice gunny sacks into useful tote bags. She made flowers out of colourful shopping bags. She sewed my cousin’s swimming medal ribbons into a bag. She made rag rugs, patchwork quilts, she painted landscapes on planed pieces of timber, she knitted jumpers and hats out of raffia string. 

My Mother was never as artistically inclined as Grandma, but she still wears clothes that are over 25 years old – I know because I bought some of them for her. She still has a set of Hello Kitty hair clips that I remember her buying when I was not even a teenager. Up until a few years ago, she kept my old collection of soft toys, one being a Merrythought Spaniel dog that I had in England, back in 1973! 

Anyway, this scarf is destined for Ireland, to a dear friend and a rekindled friendship. I hope it keeps her warm in the freezing Irish Winter months. 

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