Freebies : Kantha close-ups

I’m gifting my 3rd Kantha scarf (see previous post) to a dear friend in Ireland. I won’t have the physical scarf anymore, but I did take a number of photos and close-ups of it hanging from my orange tree, for posterity, so I’ll always have the memory of that.

So here today I’m sharing these photos with you all, my dear readers. They are FREEBIES, meaning if you want to save them to your computers or mobile devices, use them as computer wallpaper, turn them into cards, use them as backgrounds for image editing, print them out for your own pleasure…you have my blessings. 🙇

This girl can’t sew in a straight line, as you can see. But the wonky stitches and exposed knots sure add to the charm of it being all handmade, right 😄. Worthy of a Crafts stall or Etsy…

2 thoughts on “Freebies : Kantha close-ups

  1. Thank you so very much for being so generous in many ways…I’ll treasure the images you created. The darks you used really make your art pop. I love the variation of shapes you selected. Happy fall and Halloween!

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