I Have A Plan…

Found this quote online (Pinterest) and was struck by how aptly it describes my current situation. The more I think about it, the more I realise what a 2-way mirror Life is, that what I thought of as a consequence of previous Life experiences, is actually just me being a sitting duck waiting for something to happen. Maybe I was just nursing the wounds of my marriage breakdown and trying to understand why it has been impossible for me to gain mainstream employment, or indeed, any form of Social Security, or even help from my own parents.

I think I’ve wallowed in that rut for long enough now. It is Time to take matters into my own hands. I realise now nobody will be coming to my rescue. No knight in shining armour on horseback is going to sweep me off my feet. Fairytale endings are just fantasy.

It’s Time to practice what I preach – that in order for Change to happen, I need to Be the Change. 

I’m stuck here right now because I’ve limited my own thinking, creating my own victim mentality, unable to think of a way out of the situation, hoping for a miracle. Sure, if you have a job and money, it’s much easier to do the things you want to do, to take a risk…after all, you can fall back on the familiar if the Plan doesn’t pan out. 

But, if those choices are taken away from you, and you’ve tried again and again to get them back, to no avail, then suddenly the realisation hits home. And it is this: doing the same things over and over again, and expecting the results to be different, is tantamount to madness. 

Therefore, the only way left to go forward, is to do something completely different, totally unexpected. Yes, sure it’s a big risk to take…but what else do I have to lose? Instead, I have everything to gain.

So, instead of waiting for Change to happen, and wasting anymore Time in this Limbo, here’s what I’m going to do:

1. Have a good clear-out of all the stuff I don’t need or use anymore. De-clutter. Throw useless stuff away. Donate big or bulky items to the thrift shops. 

2. Put the rest up for sale on eBay and Etsy, or on Gumtree. Maybe do some car-boot sales or a garage sale. 

3. Put my handmade crafts up for sale on Etsy. Don’t get sentimental about keeping them – remember the reason I’m doing this is so I can get out of this rut. I can always make more Art another time, as I’ve already gained the Knowledge and Experience needed.

4. Save any money made from sales in a separate account. And Don’t Touch It. That’s my “Escape Fund”. I’ll need about $15k to be able to move house and rent elsewhere, and to live on while finding work. 

5. Apply for jobs outside Australia. Be prepared mentally and physically to move to any country, and promptly too. Therefore, it makes sense to de-clutter and whittle down my material possessions til only the essentials remain. The only things I really need with me are my son Jack, my dogs Shelagh and Scruffy, my collection of books and Arts & Craft materials.

6. Embrace Change. Be Brave. 

I think it’s a Good Plan. Starting right now. 

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