4 Days To Halloween

4 days to go, before Halloween. And here are 2 more images I created. Enjoy!

I remember as a child, there were always bats in the roof space of out house in Malaysia. They’d fly out in the evenings and go whirling about the place. I thought bats had cute dog-like faces, but was terrified of getting one tangled up in my hair. So whenever I spotted one flying about, I’d duck if it swooped near. I’ve only seen a bat up close once in real life, and their wings are simply amazing. 

2 thoughts on “4 Days To Halloween

  1. Enjoying your posts . Do you make your stemcils for the black images the cat, bat etc.. Your compositions are so pleasing to the eye. TY for sharing learning so much on your site.

  2. Hi Skypainter, thank you so much for the lovely compliments. My art falls within digital mobile photography, I basically blend/merge/paste photos together and use clipart that I find in-App. The Halloween shadow art that you’re seeing on my blog posts are from the mobile App, PicsArt. I also use clipart from Dover, or copyright-free images from Google. Have a lovely weekend!

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