Obsessions : Boro & Sashiko – The Art Of Mending, Part 2

In yesterday’s post, I described 3 different traditional crafts that share one common thread, the running stitch : Kantha, Boro and Sashiko. Kantha and Boro are traditional patchwork from India/Bangladesh and Japan respectively, and Sashiko is an embroidery technique that incorporates the running stitch and makes Kantha and Boro sisters from different countries.  

I have a Pinterest board dedicated to Kantha, Boro & Sashiko, do have a look there if you should feel so inclined. 

Here are some of my favourite Boro photos, curated from Pinterest. Enjoy!

This photo below shows a modern recreation of how Boro is pieced together. Note in the 1st frame how the fabric remnants are arranged over a backing cloth and simply pinned in place. In the 2nd frame the pinned pieces have been sewn over with running stitches, and the pins removed. In the 3rd frame, the piece has been cut in half up the middle, and some of the running stitches have been embellished/modified into cross-shaped Sashiko stitches.

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