Time for a Tree Change, A Sea Change

My newest project. Something very different from my Art & Crafts projects, to be sure, but nevertheless still exciting and brimming with potential and new prospects. 

When one door shuts, sometimes you just gotta hammer some nails in to make darn sure it stays shut. 😄

We tried our best. For 6 long years, we tried to settle down in our new home, Australia. We left everything in Ireland, came out with hopes of living a good life, with good weather and good prospects…

All for nothing. I have an Uncle here who brought his family out to Australia in the late 1970s, and THAT was the best time to settle here. Definitely NOT so in the last 15 years. 

Anyone reading this who still thinks Australia is  “The Lucky Country” needs to get their head examined. It’s one of the MOST EXPENSIVE countries to live in. A simple cup of coffee here can buy you a meal in Bali or Malaysia. Bills and Rentals are by the Week, not by the Month…Those born in Australia, or lucky enough to have gotten here decades ago when things were good, and never knowing any different, will be upset at me saying this. 

Naturally, no one wants to hear bad things about what’s dear to their hearts. But the sad fact is, employers here (and perhaps everywhere, as this could well be a worldwide problem) treat their workers as disposable or expandable, and hire them on a casual/temporary/agency basis, where No work = No pay. And where such casual employees receive no Annual Leave, Long Term Leave or Sick Leave. Only, someone forgot to mention that while the employer tells their workers to take a week or a month off, the bills and mortgage still need paying. Not to mention the tiny fact that people still need to eat and drink.

Those who know me, know I speak the Truth. I’m not one to mince words or sugar-coat things. A spade is a spade. It’s all water under the bridge now. The milk is long spilt, no need to weep over it anymore. The Emperor Has No Clothes.

Onwards, and upwards, I say. Bring it on!

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