When Life Imitates Art


Boro …

A Japanese word meaning


Patched, mended, scraps of cloth

Too good to be thrown away

Orphaned from their parents

Because they’ve changed too much

Changed, yes,

Worn and weary

Nevertheless far from useless

Put together in other ways

Joined with other rags

By a common thread

Take this thread and run with it

Beauty and composure regained

Dignity restored

What was once outcast

Is now revered and honoured

Respected and coveted

By those who comprehend

The story of the Phoenix

Rising from the ashes

I am Boro

I wear the scars and patches 

The sweat and tears

I wear them with humble pride.

(Photo of Boro scarf found on Pinterest. This one has particular meaning to me)

AlyZen Moonshadow

3 Nov 2016

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