Kantha Haiku

I had the notion to try sewing a “Kantha” scarf/wall hanging/table runner using only white embroidery thread. I wanted to see if the resulting finished product would have as much visual impact as one sewn using many colours of thread.

This is the result, and I must say I found it rather cathartic to not have to plan ahead with colours. It’s very like my current circumstances – having no money makes you think twice about rushing into making any impulse purchases, and whittles down your choices. Having only one embroidery thread colour to use restricts your impulse to go wild with colour, and lets you concentrate on your stitches.

Here’s the finished product. The first 2 photos are of the front, the 3rd shows what the background fabric is (a pillowcase):

This scarf is very flowery indeed, and reminds me of a garden. That, coupled with the snow flake effect of the white running stitches, gave me cause to write this Haiku:

Snow flakes on flowers

Blanket their winter slumber

Spring is still a dream

AlyZen Moonshadow

October 2016

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