Today’s Thought

I believe we come across people, things and thoughts not by chance but by some divine intervention. There are no accidents in life. Everything that happens to you, or that you allow to happen, can only happen because you let it. I believe that sometimes we get so used to one way of being, or get so tired of struggling, that we just concede, surrender and allow the situation to hold us in its grip and take us where it wants to go. We become the victims of our own choices and of our inertia.

But sometimes we wake up with a jolt and realise we ARE in control of our lives, and have always been. We’ve just been on auto-pilot, coasting along. Somewhere along the line we decided to let someone else do the steering, and then when things started going wrong we blamed ourselves, instead of realising that it could only have happened because we LET it happen. What you allow, will continue.

We CAN do something about bad situations. We just need to wrestle back that steering wheel and start moving in the direction of our intention. It doesn’t matter if where you’re heading has no signposts or landmarks, or even if the horizon looks jagged and wonky – when you get closer you’ll be able to see much more. You can always make adjustments as you go along. Of course you’re allowed to. 

After all, You are the captain of your ship. And the name of your ship is Destiny.

This famous children’s nursery rhyme is of touted as being how Life should be, how we should just “go with the flow”, take the path of least resistance, and just let Life happen to us.

Well, personally I’ve “gone with the flow”, and it’s taken me nowhere but to sewers and dank, drippy dungeons of the mind, to the darkest places where Despair and Desperation live. 

And so I say, No More! I take back my Power, my Will and my Strength. I take back my steering wheel and I’m going to steer the hell out of this wasteland I’ve found myself in. I’ve been “going with the flow” while slumbering for far too long.

It is time for a shake up. 

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