A Simple Plan

Yes, it’s a wee bit early for making New Year Resolutions, but here’s my Simple Plan for 2017. I for one can’t wait to see the back of 2016, it’s been The Most Horrendous Year. Ever.

So, looking ahead and never behind again, here’s what I need to do from hereon out:

1. Get a job. It needs to pay at least AU$500 a week. Rentals are Not cheap here, the average is $250 A WEEK. I need to be able to keep a roof over our heads, AND be able to eat too. 

2. Get a car. A small runaround will do, to get from A to B. And back again, safely, of course. It doesn’t have to be fancy, just functional.

3. Move out. The ex is selling the house and moving back to Europe. I’m staying on here because I’m not even contemplating leaving my dogs behind. Besides, Jack loves his new school. And also, after having moved house 22 times in 44 years, and having lived in 6 different countries, not to mention being a citizen of 3…I really have NO country to call my own?! And why would I jump halfway across the ocean to a new country where I know nobody, have no work and have nowhere to live? 

4. Rent my own place. Downsizing and downshifting is a helluva Great Idea now. I don’t need all that junk I seem to have accummulated over the years. Just me, my son Jack, our 2 dogs, the cat, some furniture and my books and arts & crafts materials. And a small cottage with 2 bedrooms and a storage shed. And an enclosed garden where the animals can be safe. That’ll do us nicely.

A Simple Plan for a Simple Life. The funny thing is, all my life I’ve wanted a Simple Life, but it’s only now that I realise the way to achieve that is Not to work hard, save up lots of money, and retire to the countryside to a life of luxury. No, the way to achieve a Simple Life is to give up stuff, live with less, spend only on what’s necessary, recycle, reuse, reduce, and have just enough to do all this. I really hope this pans out well for me.

It’s taken a long time to come, but my wish is really taking shape right now. I was scared at first when it loomed before me, as I thought it was the exact opposite of what I wanted. But now I recognise it for what it really is…the opportunity I’ve been waiting so long for. It’s really here. All I have to do is reach out and accept its offering. 

So, Yes, please…Dear Universe, conspire to help me achieve this, and thank you in advance! 

(Image source: Pinterest)

2 thoughts on “A Simple Plan

  1. It has taken me quite some time to realize what you have just proclaimed Annabelle. Less is better, unless its art supplies and yarn 😉
    All the “stuff” we tend to accumulate and purchase is not what truly makes us happy. Someone recently said to me “only buy what you need.” Finances being extremely tight, these few words have been a god send. Still purging a year later and trying my best to truly appreciate what I do have. A few good friends and a roof over my head along with food in the cupboards. No fancy car. Lol. But like u said as long as its safe.. Wishing you all the best in your new life! It takes courage and dedication to begin anew!

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