Quotes for a Simple Life

Yesterday I wrote my manifesto/plan/New Year’s Resolution for 2017. And it was all to do with living a Simple Life. That plan is more or less manifesting now right before my very eyes (well, I hope it happens before I run out of money and options, and end up homeless instead!). I’m applying for jobs left, right and centre now, and hopefully will get one soon…as being financially viable is key to moving out and into my own rental. 

Yes, folks, I’m going it alone. It is time. Scary, yes. But exciting too. I really must thank those who kept slamming doors in my face, or who simply turned a blind eye, or who sought to turn me into something I am not, or who deliberately kept me in limbo while laughing at me. The Universe was merely showing me an “Extinction Burst”, before waking me up to reality.

Here are some inspirational quotes I found on Pinterest, celebrating the “Less Is More” ethic. They give me comfort and motivation…though in the eyes of some if not many, they could read as anathema to how Society lives today.

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