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My Crystal Maze

Lol…not really a maze, just a quirky looking plate/ashtray that I found in my local thrift store, that I’m utilising as the receptacle for my crystal collection. 

Most of these crystals I’ve had for years, a few of them are new acquisitions. My old ones were languishing in a bed of sand, gathering dust and cobwebs. No problems…just a quick rinse and they’re sparkly again.

The ex had missed my hints about getting pink orchids for Xmas, but I convinced him to get me a pink Himalayan Salt lamp instead. Two, actually…one for my bedroom and the other for the living room. 

He got them today, yay! 

Happy New Year 2017, everyone! Thank you, Universe!

Friday Flowers

Just sharing some photos of flowers with you, that I’ve taken with my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Aside from animal photography, the other subject I’m passionate about is flowers. I used to get so crazy about flowers I’d spend hours at a water lily and koi farm, taking photos of the flowers (and fish as well). It’s not unknown of me to stop outside someone’s flower garden to snap some photos. And when there are no flowers in bloom outside, I’ve been known to skulk around outside supermarkets and florist shops, sneaking photos of their floral displays. 

Anyway, here you go, flowers for everyone. I’m grateful for having the opportunities to capture their essence with my mobile phone camera. And I’m also grateful that these old eyes are still good enough to catch details and composition in a photograph! 🤓

These photos have not been edited in any way. They’re all au naturel, literally 😄, bugs, fuzzy edges and all. But also just perfect and beautiful, just the way Mother Nature intended. 

Gratitude Thursday

Today, I’m expressing my Gratitude for living where I live. There are beaches all around me, all within a 5-10 minute drive. Or a 15-25 minute cycle. The sunshine in Western Australia is gorgeous, and lends itself happily to great photos. And we’re lucky enough that there’s never crowds of people thronging these beaches and spoiling Mother Nature’s beauty. 

People who don’t know Rockingham think it’s full of bogans (aka rednecks/hooligans/uneducated folks), but the reality of it is that Rockingham is an undiscovered natural gem that is now fast developing into a tourist destination… the locals however would like it to stay a sleepy backwater town, so our lovely beaches can stay unspoilt. The common consensus is to let Joe Public continue to believe Rockinghan is “rough”, and stay away so us locals can continue to keep our secret a secret 😄.

Here are just some photos I took (with my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge) of some of the beaches in the Rockingham, Western Australia area:

Practising Manifestation with Bottlecaps

When I first explained the Law of Attraction and the technique of Manifestation to my teenager, Jack, he was sceptical. As can be expected. 

I suggested to Jack that he test out the technique of Manifestation himself, if he was game to. He would try to manifest (aka find) 3 bottle caps on our next outing. He’s a fan of the Playstation game “Fallout 4”, in which bottlecaps are legal tender in an apocalyptic world. So, for Jack, the prospect of finding bottle caps appealed to him. 

We ventured down to the Rockingham foreshore, and almost immediately I found 2 bottlecaps on the ground. I suggested that Jack visualise finding bottlecaps, or “tune in” to the wavelength of bottlecaps. It seemed to work, for he started spying them lying in the sand here and there…and instead of just finding 3, Jack kept wanting to find more and more.

We ended up with 15 bottlecaps in the space of just 20 minutes. How we found the final 2 was quite surreal, yet fitting to this experiment. Jack wandered off to the right of the beach, I to the left. I glimpsed a bottlecap in the sand and pounced on it, just as Jack proclaimed that he’d found one. When we compared our finds, we discovered that they were both the same Corona brand. 

Oh, and we found a crab shell too, discarded by seagulls after their breakfast. And I also found a lovely, unusual blue marble, while Jack found 2 more common marbles to accompany my blue. 

I call it a Great Day! 😊

Kantha Haiku: A Kantha-Boro story

​”Kantha Haiku” is available to purchase from my Etsy store, here.

Description: This item is entirely handsewn, using fabric remnants and other recycled/reused/repurposed elements. My Kantha-Boro pieces can be used as scarves, table runners or wall hangings. Owing to the nature of handsewing and the Japanese Mottainai principle of “Waste not, want not”, each piece is unique and one-of-a-kind, with any imperfections in the fabrics or stitches forming part of the Wabi-Sabi ethos of being perfectly imperfect.

Style: Kantha-Boro. Indian Kantha running stitches in parallel rows, embroidered over Japanese Boro-style fabric remnants, which are simply pinned in place before oversewing.

Colours: Predominantly blue and white, to emulate Japanese indigo Boro, with splashes of vivid purple, orange and red floral accents, interspersed with a green and black fabric bamboo fabric pattern representing fields. The backing fabric is a thrifted pillowcase, with a pattern of chrysanthemums and morning glory flowers repeating all over it, again with purple, orange and red to complement the other side. The running stitches are an off-white crochet thread, which resemble falling snowflakes.

Snowflakes on flowers

Blanket their winter slumber

Spring is still a dream

Dimensions: 66 x 16.5 inches (168 x 42 cm)


We’re going on a rock hunt!

Actually, make that “I’m going on a crystal hunt”. I read that Citrine is one of the gemstones or crystals for manifesting and attracting Money and Wealth, and seeing as it’s one that’s not already in my crystal collection, I’m going to get myself something with citrine in it. Maybe in a ring or a bracelet.

Distilled Sunshine!

Meanwhile, in my quest for crystals that manifest prosperity or attract money, I found these beautiful examples on Pinterest. While these are not the ones that I’m currently after, I’m sharing them here with you just for the reason that they are so gorgeous and uplifting. You’ll need to go to my Pinterest board and look under “Interesting” for the pins and more information on each individual crystal. I know, it’s boring to lump such amazing specimens of Mother Nature’s bounty under a title as generic as “Interesting”, but I’m still undecided as to whether I should create a new Board called “Crystals” or should I even start different individual boards for each of them?

Anyway, enjoy!

(All images sourced from Pinterest)

Christmas Cheer

2 Freebies for everyone today! Feel free to copy, paste, print, share!

Happy Christmas, Merry Xmas, Happy Holidays, whatever you wish it to be known as. What’s more important is that we treat each and every day of the year, and each and every person we meet, with the same Happiness and Utmost Respect that we would want to receive ourselves. Every day is a good day, why reserve it just for Christmas, when you, yes YOU, can make every single day one filled with Love, Laughter and Life! 

Let’s appreciate the people we have around us, our friends and chosen family, now while they’re still with us on this beautiful and bounteous Earth. It really doesn’t matter if we are not of the same race or creed, Goodness is in every one of us, and it is our duty to perform good deeds, think good thoughts, say positive things. If every one on Earth did just that, each and every day, with humility and compassion, Humankind would evolve into higher beings in no time at all, and there would be no more wars, religious prosecution, discrimination, poverty, hunger, homelessness.  

Your Thoughts create your Reality.


Lightbox Inspiration Typography #3

Another one from my L I T series. I’ve done this with florals this time, in 2 different colourways.

Manifest Your Desires. 

They say you’re to write down what your desires are, what you hope to achieve or accomplish. The act of handwriting apparently fires up more brain neurons than typing on a keyboard, that is true, but blogging online is how I write, and there can be no harm in typing out my desires, right? I’m still putting down in black and white what my desires are.

So here’s what I want in 2017:

1) to get my divorce and settlement sorted with as little hassle as possible, and to finally be free of this current half-life I’m living;

2) to benefit from multiple streams of income, increase my licensing royalties, increase sales of my Etsy and eBay listings, increase my financial wealth;

3) to be offered and to accept a job that I am passionate about that also pays the bills and much more than that, so that I can settle my debts and be able to enjoy more of what Life has to offer;

4) to find and secure the perfect home for myself, my son Jack, Shelagh and Scruffy our 2 dogs, and Boo our cat.

No.1 is already in the pipeline. I’m not sure if you know of any other woman who had to buy her own engagement ring, buy both wedding rings, pay for her wedding dinner and accommodation, and now, 6 years later (almost to the day), pay for her own divorce? Well, that’s the story of my life! 😄

I should have paid more attention to the signs. They were all there, plain as plain can be, but I chose to believe in the fantasy, the web of fairy tales he wove around me, the false and empty promises. My fault, really…I should have known better. 

Well, I certainly do now! 

The Dude DOES Abide!!

OMG. Yesterday I cast doubt over whether The Universe aka “The Dude” was really manifesting my wish for money, when my ex transferred $200 into my bank account. It could have been a coincidence, right? So, I gave The Universe/Dude another 24 hours to make good its promise of money coming my way out of the blue.

Last night I conducted another Law of Attraction experiment concurrently. This one’s called “The Volkswagen Jetta Principle”, and is a 2-parter. In my case, it’s not a VW but Mazdas in Soul Red. In the first 24 hours I’m supposed to observe how many of these Soul Red Mazdas manifest themselves into my life. In the second 24 hours I’m supposed to observe how many of another subject of my choosing manifests itself into my life.

I’ve been practising manifesting Soul Red Mazdas for the last 2 weeks now, and they’re practically leaping out at me these days when I’m on the road. 

Choosing a 2nd subject to manifest however, has been slightly trickier. Last night I decided to manifest Green Traffic Lights on the road when I’m driving. I envisioned that All the traffic lights would be green, or turn green as my car approached them. 

But this morning I realised that the route I normally take to get to the dogs that I walk or petsit doesn’t include ANY traffic lights, just roundabouts and normal junctions.

So I switched my wish to that of manifesting Pink Orchids instead. 

I didn’t see any Pink Orchids at all today. I mentioned them to the ex, but I guess it went right over his head because just 5 minutes later he asked me what I wanted for Christmas. 

Well, I thought, The Universe still has 24 hours to manifest those Pink Orchids for me.

And I turned on the TV and this movie was just starting. It was called “Absolutely Anything“, and starred Simon Pegg and Kate Beckinsale, with the late Robin Williams providing the voice of Dennis, the dog that belongs to Simon Pegg’s character, Neil. Basically, the premise of the movie is that Neil is trying to get his neighbour Catherine to fall in love with him. A bunch of aliens in outer space bestow upon him the power to make anything Neil wishes come true. If Neil uses his power for Good, the aliens would welcome Earth into their group. If Neil uses his power for Evil, the aliens would annihilate Earth.

It was funny enough…until it got to the part where Neil gets abducted by Grant, a wannabe boyfriend of Catherine (Kate Beckinsale’s character in the movie). Grant wants Neil to make a whole list of his wishes come true.

And here’s where it gets surreal…to me anyway…

On Grant’s list of wishes is this:


Cue Twilight Zone music ♫♪♫

See, The Dude DOES Abide. Count me in as a Believer, Universe! And THANK YOU!

On another note, my employer Wendy handed me a Christmas card this afternoon as we parted company after visiting a new client’s dogs and cats together…and inside the envelope was a prepaid Visa card for $50. So, turns out my first experiment has also worked. Money has again manifested itself, thank you, Universe!

The Dude rocks! 🖒🤘

(Image source: Pinterest)

The Dude Abides Principle

So right now I’m reading the book E2 (E-Squared) by Pam Grout, and trying out the 1st exercise in manifesting. I love Pam’s writing style, she’s witty, funny and so down-to-earth, yet practical. She makes everything sound so doable, and real. Don’t take my word on it, get the book for yourself!

In the 1st exercise, “The Dude Abides Principle”, the “Dude” refers to the Universe, God, Spirit, Mother Earth, the Force, whichever name you choose for the Creator. Personally, I like to call it The Universe. 

Anyway, this Principle states that:

“There is an Invisible Energy Force or Field of Infinite Possibilities”

and that you can actually make It reveal Itself to you, by way of manifesting something that you’ve asked for. The point of the exercise is to show that your thoughts create your reality, and that if you ask and believe that you will receive, and act like it’s already a done deal, then the Universe will have to deliver.

So, last night I made a wish to be blessed by The Universe, and asked it to show up by manifesting what I’ve asked for, without going into specifics, and giving it 48 hours to prove itself. 

I asked to be surprised by a monetary windfall. Secretly I’d love to win the “Set For Life” lottery, which pays out $20,000 a month for 20 years. But, as the experiment said NOT to get too specific, I just asked for some money to arrive unexpectedly, out of the blue.

And then I went to sleep.

This morning, I made pancakes for my son Jack and the ex. I’d found a pancake maker at a local thrift store, and today Jack and I had fun trying it out. The pancakes were yummy, soft and fluffy mmmm! Not bad for a $5 investment, when a brand new pancake maker at the shops was around $49 to buy!

Anyway, I digress. Over pancakes, the ex announced suddenly that he had transferred $200 into my account, to help with the Christmas shopping! A short while later, I checked my bank account and true enough, I was richer by $200!

OMG. Thank you, Universe!! The question I’m asking myself now is this – was my ex going to transfer money to me anyway, seeing as I’d told him I’d spent over $150 the day before, buying our Xmas food? Or was this The Universe responding to my wish from last night? Could it just be a coincidence that my ex should give me money the day after I wished for money to come my way?

I’ve checked Pam’s instructions, and it did say the manifestation has to be “a thumbs up, a clear sign, something that cannot be written off as a coincidence”.

And so, while I am eternally grateful for my sudden small windfall, it MIGHT be a coincidence…so I’m still calling The Universe’s bluff, and still giving it 48 hours to manifest the large sum of money that I’d wished for last night. 

Let’s see what The Dude comes up with.