When Synchronicity Strikes

Ok, I’m just jotting this down before I forget the details…

Last week I popped into my local Big W department store for a look-see, and discovered several new self-help/psychology books on the shelves. I vacillated between 3 or 4 titles, but did not purchase anything that day, as money was tight.

This week, I was determined to get at least one of those books. In the end, this was the title I purchased:

The Universe Has Your Back, by Gabrielle Bernstein

The title intrigued me in an ironic way. 

As I was reversing my car out of the carpark, I heard a crunch behind me, and my heart sank. However, when I got out of the car to inspect the damage/speak to the owner of the vehicle I’d bumped into, I realised that the Universe really DID have my back, so it would seem. 

I had to smile. Because there was no need to apologise to anyone, no need to exchange contact or insurance details.

You see, I’d simply reversed into some supermarket trolleys that were sticking out of their trolley park.

Later, back at home safe and sound, I proceeded to read my new book. Hardly a chapter in, I realised there were some nuggets of positivity that I really should be writing down. As I couldn’t find a notebook or journal suitable for that purpose in the house, I decided to visit my local thrift stores to see what they had to offer.

I didn’t find a notebook…but I did find The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. Which can’t be just a coincidence, right? It even sort of leapt off the bookshelf at me. So, of course I had to get it.

Back home again, and I was about to put my head down for a Granny Nap (I do love my afternoon siestas), but for some reason my dog Shelagh just wouldn’t settle in bed. So I let her out into the yard and decided I might as well get started on reading either The Universe Has Your Back, or The Secret.

I settled on The Secret. Which is basically about the Law of Attraction. Like attracts like. Positive thoughts attract positive results. Similarly, negativity attracts more negativity. Lately, I seemed to have been inadvertantly testing out that theory quite a bit. Mostly, I realise now how I’d let myself be carried down by the undercurrent of negativity my ex seems to exude (said ex who still lives under the same roof as my son Jack and I, and who’s technically still my husband, as we can’t afford the fee for getting divorced).

Anyway, I digress. I got to the part where it said to imagine already having what it is that you want, no matter how fantastical or improbable it may seem. I’d been casting about for a rental that I could move my son Jack, our 2 dogs and cat into, what with me being on an extremely low and irregular income, and not getting any Social Security benefits…so me getting a rental easily was highly fantastical and improbable.

As I started searching online for a rental, a thought occurred to me: instead of looking for something small and cheap, why not do as the book suggested – dream big? So I clicked on the “For Sale” link insteas of “To Rent”. 

And as I scrolled through the entries on the website, one listing in particular leapt out at me. It was for a property that I’d gone to see a few days ago, that was available to rent. I’d driven past it already a couple of hours before its scheduled open house viewing time, and I’d loved the look and feel of it. So, imagine my disappointment on that day, when at the appointed time I duly fetched up outside the property, only to find no estate agent waiting there, and instead a voicemail on my mobile phone informing me the owners had decided to take the house of the rental market, so the viewing was cancelled. 

But now here it was again, caught by my radar. Only this time it was for sale, and not ro rent. And the viewing is at a convenient time too, on the weekend so I can bring Jack with me to see it. 

The sequence of events thus far has been quite miraculous, a feat of synchronicity. Now, in order for things to move into place further, one of these things would need to happen:

1) I strike the Lottery BIG

2) I win the “Set For Life” Lottery, the top prize of which is $20,000 per month for the next 20 years

3) I get a job. I’ve been working on that one diligently. As of last week, I’ve applied for over 70 jobs. One or more of them have to turn into interviews or job offers, right?

4) I get my divorce, and move out, meaning my ex has to pay me half the equity of the house. 

I wonder which of these options The Universe will make real. It would be really lovely if both 1) AND 2) arrived together 😉. 

So, let’s see how far this bout of synchronicity will carry on, shall we?

And even if the idea of securing that property doesn’t pan out in time, it doesn’t matter. The Universe has already shown me, in the short space of just one single day, that magical things can happen, if you let them. I may not get that house,.I may still have to apply for a few dozen more jobs before I get one. 

But at least I know I’m on the right track this time. And I believe that if I can just stay firm with my own beliefs and not get dragged down or bogged down by someone else’s negativity (“Shields Up!”), miracles may happen.

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