More Synchronicity

Following on from yesterday’s very interesting intentional observations on synchronistic events in my life, here’s what happened today…

Jack woke up on the wrong side of bed and was grumpy and obnoxious when I told him to help hang the laundry outside. We were about to view a property for sale in a few minutes’ time, followed by the cinema to watch “Queen of Katwe”, and lunch at KFC. When Jack started talking back at me, I told him he could either stay home by himself, or shut his mouth and behave better. I said he could continue his entire day in a foul mood, attracting worse and worse vibes and experiences to himself, or he could try to smile, be positive and cheerful. He gave me a pained, twisted grimace for a smile. 

I told Jack to be positive and optimistic about this house we were going to view. We were to put ourselves in the frame of mind that it was already ours, and that all we were doing was trying to decide who got which room and where the furniture was to go. It was to be an exercise in positive visualisation.

The house turned out to be just as cosy as I’d envisioned. We were the only viewers there so the estate agent, Sally, showed us around personally. She asked how I was going to pay for the house and I simply said,”I’m expecting money to arrive”. 

On one side of the house was a patio area, and on one of the wooden upright poles was a metal Chinese character. I took a photo of it, then looked it up on Google, as, being illiterate in Chinese, I wasn’t sure if it was the symbol for Happiness or Luck or Prosperity. 

Guess what? We found Happiness in that house.

Synchronicity strikes again!

Sally the estate agent said there would be another Home Open next weekend, at the same time and day, and I told her I would speak to my ex about it. 

Afterwards, we had about 20 minutes to spare before the movie, so I took Jack to EB Games for a look around. His friend Jordan had wanted to come over and play this weekend, but I realised the only PS4 game Jack had was No Man’s Sky. I thought it might be a good idea to try and get another game or two for Jack for the Christmas holidays.

Jack wanted the game Fallout 4, which was on special offer at $23, as it was preowned. When we got to the counter to pay for it, Ben, the friendly sales assistant, opened the drawer to get the game, and handed it to us. It was BRAND NEW, still in its cellophane wrap. Ben told us the previous owner may have received it as part of a bundle, and may have already had the game, and that was why it was unopened. 

So, effectively we paid $23 for a game that would have otherwise cost us $48 new in the store. Score!

“The Queen of Katwe” was a great movie with depth and soul. There weren’t many people in the cinema, though…probably because it was about people from a third world country (Uganda), and featured no A-list celebrities, and was about Chess. Their loss, though. The lessons Jack and I learnt from it were clear as crystal:

1. Where you were born is not necessarily where you belong

2. Hope gives wings to dreams

3. Never give up, even when things are as bad as they can possibly get and Life feels hopeless

4. Encouragement of young minds can lead to them achieving the seemingly impossible, because they have been shown that anything is possible

5. Every time you get knocked down, get up again. Refuse to surrender.

After the movie and a quick KFC meal, I checked my emails on my mobile phone. Well, what a pleasant surprise, someone had placed an order for one of my Lenormand fortune-telling card decks, and I’d made $30. Yay, happy days, and more, please! Make that $30 into $300, or even $3000 or $30,000, please and thank you, Universe!

Afterwards, we headed back to where my car was parked. The car park was full, and there were a number of cars lingering around waiting for someone to vacate their spot. As we walked to my car, I noticed a white SUV waiting in the next aisle, so I waved to it and pointed in the direction of where my car was parked.

As we pulled out of the car parking space, the driver of the SUV gave us the thumbs up and a great big smile of thanks, which we returned. It sure felt good to have done our good deed for the day! 

I wonder what pleasant surprises tomorrow will bring? This cosmic ordering thing is turning out to be quite fantastic. More, please! Send us more good things, send us the money that I need to get that rental or even buy a house of my own, give me that job that I need to be stand on my own two feet financially again. 

Thank you, Universe! ❤

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