What are the chances…

I appear to be on a streak of synchronicities and serendipitous events recently.

Today is the 3rd consecutive day that I’ve noticed good, even great things happening to me. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Universe! And more of the same, please! 

This morning, I decided to go online on eBay and purchase a DVD of Rhonda Byrne’s “The Secret”. I found one that cost $8 with free postage, and bought it.

A couple of hours later, just before I was due to go out, I checked my emails, and saw that the eBay seller had cancelled my order and refunded my money. She said the DVD had a long scratch on it and probably wouldn’t play smoothly. Fair enough. I was a tad disappointed, but decided to search on eBay for another copy of The Secret.

And guess what, I found one for the exact same price, but it was an Extended Version, meaning I’d be getting more content from this DVD than from the one I’d initially purchased. What a win!

Later, as I drove to the shopping mall, which was crawling with Sunday shoppers, I was lucky to find a parking spot without even looking for one…it just magically appeared in front of me as I turned my car into the carpark.

I then went into Big W department store to look for books like “The Secret”. And guess what, I found not one but TWO. And, to top it off, I found a $20 gift card in my wallet, that had been hiding there since the beginning of the year and was reaching its expiry date. So I used that to buy the 2 books, and only had to pay $8 in total. Yay, happy days! That’s my Christmas sorted for myself 😄.

Back at the carpark, I found that I didn’t even have to worry about reversing my car out of my spot, as the person who’d parked in front had vacated their spot. So I was able to drive forward and leave the carpark without any effort. Lucky me! 

After running my errands, I stopped by a Home Open to view a property. It had a lovely, secluded garden and 2 large sheds as well as a garage. But the bedrooms were tiny. Nevermind, though, I’ll keep showing up to these viewings and I know The Universe will conspire to guide me towards the right home at the right time, and make sure the circumstances are right too, so I can get ahead and move on with my life.

I was back in my car at 3:33pm and driving home, when I realised, (and you just can’t make these things up), that the song playing on the radio was Urban Cookie Collective‘s “The Key, The Secret”, which goes ♪♫ “I’ve got the Key, I’ve got the Secret, I’ve got the Key to Another Way”!! ♫♪

How’s THAT for synchronicity? Enough to send shivers up my spine!

I wonder what tomorrow will bring?

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