Summer Love

I decided to go hunting for seaglass today. Point Peron near where I live is a popular spot for locals, it has beaches, coves, cliffs and lots of rocky outcrops and mini islands. Rockingham is also home to Penguin Island, a sanctuary for rehabilitating injured Little Penguins. Nearby there’s also Seal Island, home to flocks of pelicans and the eponymous seals. Garden Island, home to the Navy and off-limits to civilians, is also close by, accessed via a causeway.

For some reason today I just felt like taking a busman’s holiday and going somewhere secluded, and doing something simple and childlike, such as beachcombing for shells and seaglass.

And guess what, I found Summer Love.

My good deed for today was to stand in line at the supermarket checkout and let 5 elderly customers go ahead of me. It felt good to chat to them and ask them how their day was going. I then bought a couple of lottery tickets from the newsagents, so here’s visualising a BIG WIN!🖒
In the next few days I’ll share with you photos of the breathtaking scenery at Point Peron, and various strange and unique rock formations and other observations. 

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